ID5000 Series Smart Code Reader
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Based on multi-core deep learning processor, the full-featured code reader brings powerful code reading performance. Equipped with mechanical focus lens and various components, ID5000 can reach up to 20M pixels, suitable for various code reading applications.

  • Select 4.9MP-20MP high-performance sensor, high-speed image data acquisition and excellent image quality.

  • Support reading multiple codes, such as Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, CodaBar, EAN, ITF25, 0R,DM,PDF417, etc.

  • Built-in deep learning code reading algorithm. Adapt to a variety of complex working conditions with robustness.

  • Optional mechanical focus lens, auto-focusing and easy debugging.Support digital scoring of coding level.

  • Multifunctional indicator on the top.Support customization and quickly observe the working statusSupport multiple communication modes, such as TCP/IP, Serial, FTP, PROFINET, Ethernet/1P, etc.

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