ID2000 Series Smart Code Reader
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As a compact industrial barcode reader, ID2000 series can be embedded in automated machine equipment and other automated assembly line proximity barcode reading applications. Support common 1D, 2D and DPM codes, the patented lighting design provides high-quality image lighting.

  • Ultra-small structure, suitable for various types of machines and compact workstations.

  • Support reading multiple codes, such as Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, CodaBar, EAN,ITF25, OR, DM, etc.

  • Design multi-color LED light source, adopt asymmetrical arrangement, and cover more evenly.

  • Built-in LED sight, clearly indicating the field of view, quick installation and adjustment.

  • Front waterproof debugging button, and support external hands-on trigger.

  • Abundant l0 interface and direct plug-in power interface, convenient for wiring.

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